Jeans donations as been operating since 2010. We've received numerous donations from corporation to hard working everyday people. To show our appreciation for the donations we've received so far, we took the time to highlight some of those who have shown they care for others who are less fortunate.

Robert Dunley

Robert Dunely donated 6 pair of jeans at our Earth Event held on South Street.

Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson of Mt. Airy donated 3 pairs of jeans at the South street event.

Lee of Philly

Lee, of Philadelphia donated over 10 pairs of jeans.


Lynn donated some jeans and baby clothes.

Jack & Jill

The Jack & Jill organization is one of the oldest in the city. We secure 100's of jeans from them.

Pauline Wynn

Pauline from Kingston, donated a big full of clothes to jeans donation,

Greogre Fiquera

Donated jeans 2 pairs of jeans

Yolanda Davis

Donated  20 pairs of jeans


Donated 20 pairs of mens jeans


Donated 10 pairs of jeans


Donated 25 pairs of jeans


Donated 10 pairs of jeans